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Virtual Assistant (VA) Business

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Overview of a Virtual Assistant Business:                      

The Virtual Assistant (VA) industry is growing fast and becoming a popular for those who want to run their own home business to get started - usually by doing the things they have done well in the past for prior employers. It's a business that lends itself to low startup costs and one that can be started on a part-time basis. In short, this is an area that is seen as trendy with a good deal of growth potential.

Pros of a Virtual Assistant Home Business:

  • You can start your business with very limited funds.
  • You can use the same skills you have used in the past for prior employers and then expand your offerings or specialize.
  • The Virtual Assistant industry is growing rapidly and demand is expected to remain strong.
  • Income potential is strong. Typical virtual assistants charge from about $35 to $75 per hour, depending on the type of services offered and/or the skill level of the virtual assistant.
  • You have a fairly high level of control over which hours you work and how many hours you work each week.

Cons of a Virtual Assistant Home Business:

  • Finding initial clients may be a challenge, as it would be with any business, but the challenge can be met by using creative marketing techniques and through networking by joining a VA group, introducing yourself and offering your sub-contracting services.
  • As your business grows, it's likely that your equipment needs and expenses may also grow.
  • Like any home business, you are responsible for paying your own taxes, securing your own health insurance, etc.
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