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Work from Home - Advantages and Disadvantages.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Working from home has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A home business or a work from home job is not for everyone. The grass always looks greener o­n the other side, everyone wants to try a new lifestyle, everyone wants change in their life. The fact is that the work at home career is suited o­nly to a certain type of people, it has its own pros and cons.

Is it in your nature to work at home or will you feel uncomfortable in a few years and feel that your corporate job was better ? Read this article if you have a job and want to know if quitting your job to work from home is the right choice for you. Or you may have just lost your job and are wondering if you should explore the options to work at home or look for another job.

Most people o­nly care about the bottom line that is how much money they can make. Then it does not matter if they work at home or in the office, all that matters is where they can earn more money. The reality is that you can make money both at home and in office, and this should not be the criteria to decide. While working at home seems cheaper because it has savings in tax, travel expense, office furniture, wardrobe expense etc. this is a very minor concern. It is true that running your own business has higher earning potential when compared to a job, that comes with a higher risk of failure and more responsibility, This article is not about business vs job because in both cases you can work from an office or work from your home. So having taken money out of the picture lets move o­n the the greater issues.

The greatest advantage of working from home is Freedom. This means that there is no boss pushing you to work, not fixed times of work, no deadlines except those you make yourself, no commute in traffic, no dressing up or making an impression. o­n the other hand the greatest disadvantage of working from home is Loneliness. This means that there is no social life, no office parties, no group lunches, no promotions, no praise, no competition, no security, no o­ne but yourself to blame if something goes wrong !

If you work at home you will have lots of time but this means boredom if you have nothing that will keep you occupied.
If you work at home you get to be with your family but this means they can sometimes get o­n your nerves and they may ask you to run chores for them since you are available ... If you have children great, you get to play with them, but you can be sure of disturbances  when you are working at home ! If you are alone, then you got to love your loneliness, because that can kill you or liberate you !

Self Motivation is absolutely required when you decide to work from home. When you work at home, you have no boss who will direct you or push you when you are going slow. You are your own boss.

In my experience, the majority of people who quit their jobs and start working from home never return to a corporate job because the freedom they enjoy far outweighs the benefits of being part of a company. Nevertheless, there are a few people who return to the the industry grind because they are not suited to the work at home lifestyle.

Try to Answer The Following Questions Truthfully to find out if you have what it takes to work from home

1. Do you need to be told what to do ?
2. Do you need company of colleagues around you ?
3. Do you need praise or appreciation of your work to feel good ?
4. Would you rather do o­ne specialized task and leave the rest to   others?
5. Have you become too accustomed to facilities provided by your company that you cannot get at home ?
6. Do you need the security of getting your paycheck even if you make a few mistakes?
7. Would you like to keep your work life and personal life separate ?

If you answered yes to any of those then you may not be ready to start working at home.
On the other hand,

1. Are you self motivated, passionate and get things done o­n your own ?
2. Do you love your privacy and have no need for chit chat ?
3. Are you self reliant and are not swayed much by the praise or criticism of colleagues ?
4. Can you execute a project from start to finish, having the tenacity to solve any problems that may arise ?
5. Is your home environment suitable to work from comfortably ?
6. Can you risk not being paid if you make a few mistakes ?
7. Would you like to live naturally without having to put o­n a suit for work ?

If you answered yes to these then you have what it takes to work from home.

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