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Home Office -Cost Effective Method

Sunday, 19 February 2012

If you are debating whether to set up an office in your home or lease commercial space, think quite seriously about keeping the office in your home if you can. 

Unless you are operating a retail store or expect clients to regularly visit your office, your face to the world will be your products, your services, your literature, and your marketing. Spend money in areas that your customers will really appreciate. 

The cost of setting up a commercial office is more expensive than just the cost of a lease. Even if you are not remodeling you will, undoubtedly, undertake a few leasehold improvements. You might install additional electrical outlets, put in new carpeting or, at the very least, paint the place. If you haven’t previously leased commercial space, you will have to place deposits with the phone, electric, and maybe even the heating fuel company. And your fixtures and furnishings expenditures for a commercial space will probably be more than they would be for a home office.
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